Odessa is a pearl at the Black sea. This city is spellbinding and the most visited city in Ukraine. Many of people go here not only to bathe in warm sea, and to feel a special local spirit. The half of population on the Earth has heard and dream to visit Odessa. Odessa is not only a major sea port, but the one of the major transport node in in central Europe.
Every year many tourist arrive to Odessa for their own case. Going to this unique city, every guest is interested in the following - where to live for some days, where to have dinner or supper, excursion via the city. Here you'll be offered by everything for comfortable and interesting pastime. What is it to stay in Odessa? At first, it means Black sea coast, Potemkin's stairs, Promorskiy Boulevard etc. Sure, staying in Odessa at the Black Sea does not stop in the evening. Every nights, jolly life comes here and invites all tourists.
All nights bars and clubs are waiting for us. After all you have decided to go to Odessa. What to start with? Sure, with the place to stay. Odessa offers various modern hotels. If you don't like to live in pricey hotel, you have to rent an apartment. Apartments are at least a half cheaper than a hotel room, and is situated in the city center near the seaside or in Potemkin's Stairs. All apartments for short-term rent sure have all necessary equipment for perfect inhabitation. At our internet service you have a great possibility to have the list hotels in Odessa, as well as apartments for rent. And now, you've choosen and reserved apartment. And there is a problem - how you can go there? You must not forget that the taxi of local drivers is very expensive. And it is better to order a transfer service of official companies to and from the place you want.
At our web service you have the opportunity to order safe and comfortable transfer service. And now you come into a wonderful apartment not fer from the main beach Arkadia. What should you do thereafter?We are sure, you have a question where to have supper? In Odessa city are waiting for guests many comfortable cafes, restaurants and bars. Tourists can always eat delicious food and to relax. What do to the next? Sure, you need to go to the seaside. The major Odessa beaches wait for travellers. You may choose one of Odessa beaches - Arcadia, Otrada and Langeron. Come to a beach which do you need. After wonderful rest at the seaside, you have to make an excursion via famous Odessa sights. The most important sights are located in the center, so all the guest of the city may walk with pleasure and to discover main attractions.



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