Many men coming to Ukraine for the first time get an impression that here is a contest taking place here in conquering men. Girls here are very well-cared-for, dressed in a feminine way, have fashionable haircuts, as if they come from pages of fashionable glossy zines. They differ from female citizens of European cities. Many of them are impressed with a length of skirts and high heels, though there is hardly a man who will consider such a sexuality abundant.
Here is always some place for natural elegance and exquisite charm Ukrainian women are famous for. What is the secret of their beauty, unrivaled femininity and mysterious charm?

First, it’s their natural beauty. Features of a woman’s face in Ukraine are far from classical standards. Their blood was mixed too often, and that’s why they are even more beautiful.
A smooth oval face, bright skin, small lips of a beautiful form, dark blond hair, big bright expressive eyes…
Or, on the opposite, a hot brunette with dark skin, white teeth, full lips and a soft sensitive look from under nice eyebrows. And there are so many variants between these poles of femininity!

The second is femininity. For any man femininity is equal to sexuality. It is femininity of Ukrainian women that makes heart beat fast, as together with them one feels himself a real and strong man. Feeling of herself a real woman is one of the main secrets of Ukrainian ladies’ beauty.

The third thing is taking care of oneself. Girls in Ukraine are very well informed about things concerning make-up and means of taking care of their skin. Unlike European women applying a moisturizing cream, Russian ones use a full set if make-up: regular masks, peelings, salon procedures. Besides, Slavic women start using means against wrinkles. It’s an advantage. And they are more responsible concerning their menu, and can to eat heathy dishes only.

The third thing is being mysterious. Really, mysteriousness for Ukrainian women is a means of manipulating a man. With the help of it girls manage to conquer men’s hearts very well. Ukrainian women have long since known how to look mysterious in communicating with a man which evokes his interest to her person and attracts him. A woman’s mysteriousness is a secret of attractiveness for men.

And the last one. The standarts of beauty of Ukrainian women is far from being univocal. Blondes, brunettes, tall and short, slim and chubby – all of them are charming in their own way. They have a special charm, magnetism, their own zest making them attractive for men from the whole world.



Women from various parts of the world can boast of their special secrets of beauty. There is no wonder at all, as in every country there are special standards of attractiveness. There are legends about beauty of Ukrainian women.

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