Many Women from Ukraine and Odessa in particular dream of going abroad and marrying a foreigner. Most of them are those who face a problem of lack of free young people who could be a good match for family creation.

Men from Europe and the USA are a good match for young women dreaming of a family happiness. The reason is not just a practical one. In such countries a citizen is really sure of tomorrow and future for his children. All this really makes any person happy who is able to relax and be happy. Values abroad are completely different as well as priorities. It attracts women very much. That’s why many of them want to get married with a foreigner and leave for abroad. What is the difference between foreign and local men? The first thing is their responsibility. Now we are not talking of every case, but discuss statistics in general concerning male population. The thing is that the system of education in the West means engraining in a child a sense of self-dependence and responsibility for every action. Children are able to analyze various problems and choose necessary effective ways of their solving. This ability becomes stable for the whole life which makes young people real men. Besides, in their genes there is a striving for success and it is really fashionable and prestigious. A woman is responsible for children upbringing and family fire, and responsibility for family lays fully on a man. It attracts the majority of Ukrainian women turning to international dating agencies.

The most wanted brides’ by mail age is 24 to 35. Those who are younger are not much appreciated. They are mush for brains, have no education etc. Those who are younger are excluded because they become immobile as years go by. They get used to a new country worse, have difficulties with a language etc.



Women from various parts of the world can boast of their special secrets of beauty. There is no wonder at all, as in every country there are special standards of attractiveness. There are legends about beauty of Ukrainian women.

Having a lot of modern gadgets gives people the opportunity for making a better connection, even if they are far away from each other. In this way, the society grows up day by day and people find friends, work companions and even love